Live Legendary. These two words are at the crux of everything we’ve come to believe, every move we make each day, and the reason we decided to create LegendOfSteele.com.

This is the manifesto of this project and we can’t help but want what is shared to be profound and moving, probably because you  Avery and Carter  are reading this. Acknowledging that feeling will help with level-headedness throughout this process, which is necessary because there is so much to make sure we get across to you.

This is definitely not a motivational finger pointing like your mom and dad are some sort of gurus who knows all the secrets of the world. We’re just a self-aware, regular, young black couple working to become the greatest and most present version of ourselves, striving to level up in life. Hopefully, something in this process can you help you in yours. So every day, we strive to live legendary, so this is a story you want to tell.

At this stage in life, family, health and wealth – in that order – have become the three most important areas of focus. Here’s why…



knowledge, homemade remedies, healthy meals and green drinks.


Be an asset and rarely a burden to those we care most about.


Stop playing it safe and trust ourselves to win regardless of the circumstances.

the legend

live legendary

live legendary

A legend of family & wealth.

Time- how long our funds/resources/assets can last us- is what differentiates the rich from the wealthy. Some live check to check, while some live month to month, and others year to year…The wealthy have generations worth of time. #LiveLegendary is the legend of building wealth with my family and sharing the skills with you along the way.


hood fairy

hood fairy

A legend of family & health.

In my adult life I’ve really embraced learning and teaching about what the earth provides us; from foods that fulfill & heal, natural & herbal solutions, to many closed loop cycles as well. I really feel obligated to share, encouraging my family and others to use what the earth and life has given us in abundance, to their advantage. I want to share the magic with you too. #hoodfairy