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So, In the last #hoodfairytale I was in Sacramento, CA and had a moment of clarity. I came to a decision that in my work, I have to do more to change the built environment to make health equity more available but also approach my work in a different way to really make impact in people’s lives; especially black people. This keynote was a first big step to do that.

Because of the success that my team and I have teaching healthy eating and active living to communities members throughout LA County, I was invited to speak at a gathering in Pomona, CA of health educators from the LA Department of Public Health.

I used storytelling to the paint the picture of what the day to day lives looks like for the community members we’ve committed to serve. The truth is, how we are trained to do this work is not effective and in this presentation I explain why and what we can do to make more impact and put more people on the path to changing their lifestyles. We have to change our mindsets and approaches. The video is longer than I want it to be but I think it really gets the point across. Leave a comment below and let me know what you are doing to create equity in the world around you.

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