#MorningMindset Series

Wealth building starts with a solid and focused mindset. So, six days a week, I have a morning routine. I wake up, brush my teeth, go to the gym/run a 5k, come home, meditate, take a shower, then get ready for my day. My morning meditation is where I center myself, get a chance to reflect on the day I had before, do a little mental self talk and pretty much figure out where my energy lies. It lasts about 20 minutes and I usually end up focused in a mindset of how I need to tackle the day. I decided to start capturing my morning mindset in hopes that they may be beneficial to you.

Action Cures Everything

Action. Cures. Everything. The universe moves and it’s our job to keep up and move when it calls on us. When we don’t, just like water, it will move around us and come to the next person to move them in the direction the universe wants them to move. It never stops, only we do. There are consequences for that inaction. If we don’t want to fall victim to the vicious cycle that is “inaction”, then it’s simple, we gotta move. Action. Cures. Everything.

When we are in the mode of inaction, there is a lot of thinking and overthinking that occurs, we begin to second guess ourselves, and doubt even creeps in. All of this is a part of the vicious cycle that keeps us standing still. The only way to break out of that cycle is action. When I am moving and acting, I don’t have time to think because I am acting and reacting. I believe the saying says, “A rolling stone grows no moss.” The moss in our lives is the overthinking, the doubt, all the things that slow us down and put us in a state of inaction. To avoid all of that and eliminate the things that keep us from achieving all the goals that we want to achieve, we gotta create movement in our lives.

This is really a message that I am internalizing because once I became an entrepreneur, I feel like I’ve been climbing this mountain, with no climbing experience. A crazy thing to do, right? Just looking at the mountain, you see that it is made up of multiple summits that have to be reached before you get to the highest point. The idea of it sounds simple enough. So I just started with action, determined to reach the highest heights. I began climbing, I reached a few of the early summits, sometimes with ease because I unknowingly started with the right tools. Then I reached a plateau, began to reflect and observe how much further I needed to go and saw that for the higher peaks, the tools I started with that got me to the previous summits were not the tools that were going to get me up the summits still in my purview. Now I could try and strongarm my way and try and make it work, but in my mind I’m climbing a mountain like Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in existence. I am striving to do things that no one in my family has ever done and really transform what it means to have my last name which is why this journey I am on is my Mt. Everest. I think we all have our own Mt. Everest and when we are climbing that beast of a mountain in our lives and striving to reach the higher summits, we need the right tools, and I didn’t have them. So I had to take some time to retool myself for the next climb. Now there was a significant amount of inaction that happened during that time because there was a lot of learning that I had to do. The point though is “action” got me that far and now that the learning period is over, it’s time to get back to action.

Here’s what’s interesting. Like I said, inaction is a vicious cycle so when we are not moving for so long, it takes a minute to get the cobwebs off, to remove the moss off the stone, move any impediments (the other small rocks in the way) that are keeping us in place in order to get the rock (us) to roll. We have to move everything out of the way. Even after that, what is wild is the hardest and biggest part that we have to move out of the way is ourselves. How do we do that? Don’t think, just move. Action. Cures. Everything.

So all that to say to me, to you, to whoever is reading this, if we want to see the progress in our lives, we gotta move, trust in ourselves enough that we have enough of what it takes to get the ball rolling and sometimes know that we will figure it out along the way. Just act. Just go. Don’t think about it, just jump. Just climb. (Whatever analogy you want to use).

Action. Cures. Everything.

This is my mindset this morning as I strive for greatness today and I hope it’s helpful for you. As always, I want to encourage you to just #LiveLegendary.